Severe storms batter parts of north coast

Hail Damage

The State Emergency Service received more than a dozen calls for assistance after a wild storm ripped through parts of the Northern Rivers yesterday afternoon.

Dorrigo was the worst-affected area, with crews called to fix roof damage at homes, business, schools and the district hospital.

In the Richmond-Tweed area only two calls for help were logged, although parts of the area between Casino and Kyogle were blanketed by hail.

Trevor Wingfield, from The Gorge, says it was the second violent storm in three days.

“Saturday, it was all like golf balls here, and it pounded down for 15 minutes and it had the ground covered about six inches (15 cms),” he said.

“Yesterday it started again about 10 to 12 and it went for a hour.

“It just came down, pounded down, it ran into the gutters and banked up the gutters and went up the roofs and the houses and up against the back of the sheds a foot, two foot (30 to 60 cms).”

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Meteorology expects to see more thunderstorms on the north coast before the end of spring and summer.

Severe thunderstorms have struck parts of the region every day for more than a week.

The bureau says that sort of consistency is unusual.

But forecaster Michael Logan says thunderstorms are to be expected at this time of year.

“We’ve gone from what was an incredibly long dry period right into spring, and I think we’ve finally broken that,: he said.

“We’ve gone into more traditional spring weather, which will see thunderstorms interspersed with a few nice spring days.

“But at the moment we’re in a real run of thunderstorm activity.

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