Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal-Repair (PDR)

This technique is used to remove dents or hail damage from cars without the need for painting.  With the use of specialist tools it means that we can remove minor car body dents from your car’s door, it’s body panels, the roof and bonnet.

PDR tools are specifically designed metal bars and rods each with different lengths, curves and shapes that are crucial in the process of removing the dent. In order to see the Dent a light and a reflection board with lines is applied to the car with a suction cup, this allows you to see where you need to apply pressure and also the direction of the dent’s flow. Most dents are removed from inside rather than outside as they are usually pushed in and it is easier to push them out.

When access is unavailable in cases such as with door pillars or some double skinned metal panels, we can use a technique called “glue pulling” which allows the dent to be removed, from the face of the panel rather than from behind, by gluing a glue tab to the outside of the dent and then using a glue puller to lift the dent. Dent Power has a host of techniques available to get the best possible result.