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Many of us are distressed at the tragic loss of Robin Williams. Unfortunately depression doesn’t discriminate and can affect anyone at any time. Right now, 3 million Australians are living with anxiety and depression.

If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, you can read more about signs and symptoms using the links below. You can call our Support Service on 1300 22 4636 to work out the next steps with us, or call 000 in a crisis. If you’ve been meaning to ask how someone is, or talk about what you’re going through, don’t wait – start the conversation now.

Georgie Harman
beyondblue CEO

There’s Nothing Selfish About Suicide

There’s Nothing Selfish About Suicide

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I am a survivor of suicide.

I don’t talk about it a lot these days, as I’ve reached the point where it feels like a lifetime ago. Healing was a long and grief-stricken process. There were times when I felt very alone in my grief and there were times when I felt lost and confused. The trouble with suicide is that no one knows what to say. No one knows how to react. So they smile and wave and attempt distraction… but they never ever say the word. The survivors, it seems, are often left to survive on their own.

I experienced endless waves of emotion in the days, weeks, months and even years following the loss of my father. The “what ifs” kept me up at night, causing me to float through each day in a state of perpetual exhaustion. What if I had answered the phone that night? Would the sound of my voice have changed his mind? Would he have done it at a later date, anyway? Survivor’s guilt, indeed.

Sometimes, I cried. Sometimes, I sat perfectly still watching the waves crash down on Main Beach, hoping for a sign of some kind that he had reached a better place. Sometimes, I silently scolded myself for not seeing the warning signs. Sometimes, I bargained with God or anyone else who might be in charge up there. Bring him back to us. Please, just bring him back. Sometimes I felt angry. Why us? Why me? Why him?

Yes, I experienced a range of emotions before making peace with the loss. But one thought that never ever (not even for one second) crossed my mind was this ill-informed opinion that suicide is selfish. Suicide is a lot of things, but selfish isn’t one of them.

Suicide is a decision made out of desperation, hopelessness, isolation and loneliness. The black hole that is clinical depression is all-consuming. Feeling like a burden to loved ones, feeling like there is no way out, feeling trapped and feeling isolated are all common among people who suffer from depression.

People who say that suicide is selfish always reference the survivors. It’s selfish to leave children, spouses and other family members behind, so they say. They’re not thinking about the survivors, or so they would have us believe. What they don’t know is that those very loved ones are the reason many people hang on for just one more day. They do think about the survivors, probably up until the very last moment in many cases. But the soul-crushing depression that envelops them leaves them feeling like there is no alternative. Like the only way to get out is to opt out. And that is a devastating thought to endure.

Until you’ve stared down that level of depression, until you’ve lost your soul to a sea of emptiness and darkness… you don’t get to make those judgments. You might not understand it, and you are certainly entitled to your own feelings, but making those judgments and spreading that kind of negativity won’t help the next person. In fact, it will only hurt others.

As the world mourns the loss of Robin Williams, people everywhere are left feeling helpless and confused. How could someone who appeared so happy in actuality be so very depressed? The truth is that many, many people face the very same struggle each and every day. Some will commit suicide. Some will attempt. And some will hang on for dear life. Most won’t be able to ask for the help that they need to overcome their mental illness.

You can help.

Know the warning signs for suicide. 50-75% of people who attempt suicide will tell someone about their intention. Listen when people talk. Make eye contact. Convey empathy. And for the love of people everywhere, put down that ridiculous not-so-SmartPhone and be human.

Check in on friends struggling with depression. Even if they don’t answer the phone or come to the door, make an effort to let them know that you are there. Friendship isn’t about saving lost souls; friendship is about listening and being present.

Reach out to survivors of suicide. Practice using the words “suicide” and “depression” so that they roll off the tongue as easily as “unicorns” and “bubble gum.” Listen as they tell their stories. Hold their hands. Be kind with their hearts. And hug them every single time.

Encourage help. Learn about the resources in your area so that you can help friends and loved ones in need. Don’t be afraid to check in over and over again. Don’t be afraid to convey your concern. One human connection can make a big difference in the life of someone struggling with mental illness and/or survivor’s guilt.

30,000 people commit suicide in the United States each year. 750,000 people attempt suicide. It’s time to raise awareness, increase empathy and kindness, and bring those numbers down.

It’s time to talk about suicide and depression.

Hail Damaged – Car Insurance

Hail Damaged Car Insurance

Hail Damaged Car Insurance

I’m thinking of purchasing a hail-damaged car…

Hail-damaged cars are usually vastly cheaper to purchase than their undamaged counterparts, which make them all the more tempting. But there is a reason for this. If the car you’re considering purchasing was comprehensively insured by the previous owner, chances are they may have received a payout from their insurer. The insurer considers the car a write-off, because the cost of repairing the damage amounted to more than 80 per cent of the sum insured.

Although it is possible to get registration for a damaged car that was previously a write-off, insurance companies may not be as keen.

It may be difficult to find Comprehensive car insurance or even Third Party Fire and Theft for a hail-damaged car, and you should factor this in when you consider buying one. Some insurance companies won’t offer these insurances at all, while others may, but at a price.

It is likely that you will be offered Third Party Property for a hail-damaged car. This will exempt you from legal liability for any damage to other people’s vehicles or property from an accident you cause, but it will not cover your own. If you’re satisfied with this insurance, which is more cost-effective than Comprehensive car insurance and Third Party Fire and Theft, then it is a great option for you.

I already own a hail-damaged car…

If your car has already been damaged by hail and you didn’t have comprehensive car insurance, you won’t be able to claim now for repairs on any panel the hail has affected. If you’re considering insuring your car now, post-damage, it’s very important that you consider what car insurance options are available to you.

Many insurers won’t provide Comprehensive car insurance, and some will even refuse Third Party Fire and Theft for a hail-damaged car, so you may only have the option of Third Party Property car insurance. This means that if your car is damaged in an accident or is stolen, you won’t have any cover to repair or replace your car, but the vehicle and property of anyone affected by an accident you cause will be covered.

Finding Affordable Insurance

The best way to find affordable car insurance for your hail-damaged car is to compare quotes and read the product disclosure statements so you know exactly what you’re covered for.

It is important that you answer questions about the damage truthfully to your insurer, or your claim could be rejected when you need car insurance the most.

If you have a hail-damaged car or are thinking of buying one, compare some car insurance quotes and see what cover is available for your car.

Hail Damage – Newcastle | Central Coast | Hunter Valley

Hail Repairs

If you have a car with Hail damage please don’t hesitate to call, depending on the severity and location of the damage  a vehicle can be repaired back to it’s original condition in 24 – 48 hrs.   Don’t wait months and be told you have to take it to specific preferred “repairers” CALL US NOW! we will organise an Assessment, submit it to your Insurer and get an Approval to proceed with the Repair.

Written-off vehicle in NSW

Written-off vehicle laws – 2013 change

Changes to the management of written-off vehicles in NSW

In 2011, the New South Wales Government introduced laws which aim to improve road safety and consumer protection, and to clamp down on vehicle re-birthing and related crime.

The changes meant that all NSW light vehicles written-off after 31 January 2011 cannot be registered and can only be used for parts or scrap metal, except in limited circumstances.

The legislation provides that Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) may issue an Authorisation to Repair a written-off vehicle in limited circumstances.

On 1 February 2013, the final stage of the reforms will come into effect. This means that there are a couple of rule changes for some types of written-off vehicles.

What happened on 1 February 2013?

On 1 February 2013, two important rule changes came into effect:

  1. No vehicle written-off before 1 February 2011 can be registered without an Authorisation to Repair from Roads and Maritime Services.

    A temporary exemption which allowed for certain (ie ‘repairable’) written-off vehicles, written-off before 1 February 2011, to be re-registered without an Authorisation to Repair from Roads and Maritime Services, has expired.This means that, from 1 February 2013, no vehicle, regardless of when it was written-off, will be able to be repaired or re-registered without the prior approval of Roads and Maritime Services.  RMS will only grant an Authorisation to Repair if the eligibility criteria are satisfied.

    For more information on repairing and re-registration of written-off vehicles, see Exemptions.

  2. All vehicles that have been written-off after 31 January 2011 and that have been successfully repaired and re-registered, will have indicated on their Certificate of Registration that the vehicle has been notified to the Written-off Vehicle Register. 

    This is a consumer protection notification to help prospective purchasers of vehicles to identify if a vehicle has previously been written-off.The notification will appear on the vehicles registration papers on the first registration renewal after 31 January 2013.

NSW written-off vehicle laws

What is a written-off vehicle?
A written-off vehicle is a vehicle that has been damaged and has undergone a damage assessment and been reported to the Written-off Vehicle Register (WOVR).

What types of vehicles do the laws apply to?
The laws apply to ALL NSW light vehicles, including cars, trailers, caravans and motorcycles up to 15 years old.

A light vehicle is a registrable vehicle that is 4.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) or less.

Will any vehicles written-off after 31 January 2011 be able to be registered?
A registered vehicle operator can apply to the Roads and Maritime Services for an Authorisation to Repair a written-off vehicle if:

  • The person applying for the Authorisation to Repair is an eligible person;
  • The vehicle is an eligible vehicle; and
  • The vehicle has not sustained any non-repairable damage.

An eligible person is the registered operator of the vehicle at the time the vehicle sustained the damage causing it to be written-off.

Applications to repair and register a written-off vehicle will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What is an eligible vehicle?

See ‘Eligible vehicles‘ for more details.

An eligible vehicle is a vehicle which has one of the following characteristics:

  • Hail damage
  • Inherited
  • Owned for more than 28 days by the registered operator.

What is ‘non-repairable damage’?

A written-off vehicle is not eligible to apply for an Authorisation to Repair if the vehicle has suffered non-repairable damage. An insurer assesses damaged vehicles against the non-repairable damage criteria.

Non-repairable damage is damage that is so severe it is not safe to attempt repairs and includes:

  • Excessive fire, stripping, water or structural damage;
  • Excessive structural damage to three or more of the following:
    • Roof
    • A pillar
    • Firewall
    • Longitudinal structural rails
    • Floorpan
    • The suspension components
    • The mechanical components (eg the engine block, transmission case, differential housing and/or the axle housing)
    • Any or all of the activation or deployment of the supplementary restraints (eg airbags and/or seat belts).

If Roads and Maritime Services gives me an Authorisation to Repair my written-off vehicle, what happens next?

The vehicle must be repaired according to the standards in the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2007. This means to the manufacturer’s or to recognised industry standards.

You will need to have the repairs certified by a licensed motor vehicle repairer who will then issue you with a Certificate of Compliance. The vehicle must pass two inspections before you can apply to re-register your vehicle.

See Vehicle Owner Information for details.

What is a Certificate of Compliance?

A Certificate of Compliance is a Roads and Maritime Services form, which certifies your vehicle has been repaired to the required standard.
The form contains a declaration that the repairs were made according to legislated standards. It must be signed by a repairer appropriately licensed by NSW Fair Trading.

Will the laws affect my repaired written-off vehicle that was registered before 31 January 2011?

No. Vehicles classified as repairable written-off and registered before 31 January 2011 can be re-registered for the life of the vehicle, providing standard inspection and registration requirements are met.

Will my vehicle be inspected?

Yes. All written-off vehicles applying for registration in NSW must pass two inspections – one for mechanical safety and one for identity validation.

What if I buy a repairable write-off from another state?

If the vehicle is recorded as a ‘repairable’ written-off vehicle on an interstate Written-Off Vehicle Register after 31 January 2011, it must be repaired and registered in another State or Territory before applying for registration in NSW.

Storm Season – What to expect

Wild weather for the first day of storm season – what to expect

Storm season falls between October and March every year and is the time of year when severe storms occur more frequently. Just in time for the start of storm season the Bureau of Meteorology have issued a Severe Weather Warning for damaging winds for people in the Metropolitan, Hunter, Illawarra, South Coast, Central Tablelands, Southern Tablelands, Central West Slopes & Plains, South West Slopes, Riverina, Snowy Mountains and Australian Capital Territory forecast districts.

The Bureau is advising that a vigorous cold front will bring damaging winds to southern and central NSW today. Northwesterly winds will continue to strengthen over the southern and central NSW ahead of a strong cold front that will move across the state today. We are expected to see strong to gale force winds to develop this morning over the southern and central districts forecast, extending to the northeastern forecast districts this afternoon.

Damaging winds around 60 km/h with peak gusts of 100 km/h are forecast for the Sydney Metropolitan, Hunter, Illawarra, South Coast, Southern Tablelands, Central Tablelands, Snowy Mountains and Australia Capital Territory forecast districts and are possible for the Central West Slopes & Plains and Riverina forecast districts. Alpine Peaks may experience winds of 85 km/h with peak gusts around 130 km/h.

Winds are expected to ease this evening.

Thunderstorms are considered likely in the northeast this afternoon and may have some localised severe wind gusts associated with them.

The NSW SES advises that people should:

  • Move vehicles under cover or away from trees
  • Secure or put away loose items around your house, yard and balcony
  • Keep clear of fallen power lines
  • Beware of fallen trees or debris on the road

For emergency help in floods and storms, contact the NSW SES on 132 500, remember if you emergency is life threatening call triple zero (000).

Lakes Old Boys – Belmont

Lakes United Old Boys 2014

Another great day was held at Cahill Oval yesterday, Old boys turned up from everywhere to join in the traditional get together and there was no shortage of entertainment on the field and off with the amber fluid flowing nicely from the tent.  Tales were told and times were reminisced as the current stock gave it there best to Kurri, the boys form the bush unfortunately snatched a try with about 10sec to go and grabbed the match.

This year we celebrate the 40th year since Lakes United  won their second premiership (1974)  27 years after their first title win in their debut season of 1947.  This years retro jersey (Sponsored By AUSTRALIAN BLOODSTOCK ) will acknowledge  the late great Allan Thomson (Capt/coach 1974 / 75 Premiers ) It will feature  a photo  of Allan on the front of a jersey  of similar design of  that worn by the 1974  side

The response to the first year under our “Looking to the Future” plan has had mixed results; On the ‘plus’ side it has shown that Lakes Old Boys have the potential to be a major part in the future success/survival  of Lakes United;Whilst on the ‘minus’ side non-financial members still out-number financial members by 3 to 1.  We need to reverse this to reach that full potential.



100’s of Wholesale cars in Cardiff –

Motor Vehicle has over a 100 Used Cars in stock

Cardiff is one of Newcastle’s busiest  suburbs, you will find all of the New Car Franchises there plus “Motor Vehicle” this very large wholesale car dealer has a huge range of small, medium and large cars to suit any budget.  Ask Chris to show you their current stock plus anything that they have just acquired, trust me…these guys sell about 100 cars a week!!  If it’s not in-stock now, it will be soon.  By the way, tell them I sent you!

Quality Used Cars – Cardiff

Variety and Quality all under one roof

With over 500 Used Cars available to you, Kloster Group has 3 Used car businesses in Cardiff. The Newly appointed Carzoos site offer’s a large variety with the ability to show you ALL of the groups massive USED CAR stock under the one roof. Rain, Hail or shine you can be rest assured your car buying will be a lot easier and less stressful in this Brand New Facility. Go see Brent Thompson and his staff at Carzoos – Cardiff.

4×4 and Commercial Specialists

LAKEFORD – Cardiff always stocks massive amounts of 4×4 and commercial vehicles, Craig Danslow and his team specifically select their stock to match the growing demands of the area.  Cardiff is one of Newcastle’s and Lake Macquarie’s largest Industrial area’s with possibly 1000 small and large businesses trading from this regional hub.  If your after QUALITY SERVICE go to one of these Dealerships and tell them…. “I sent you” I personally guarantee that they will “look after you.”

Good luck buying,


Andrew Kolokolow


PDR – Service you can rely on..”staying local”

Paintless Dent Repair is a specialised trade and skill plus it’s the preferred repair method for “ALL” hail damaged vehicles by ALL insurance companies World Wide. Newcastle and the Central Coast region have over 40 Paintless Dent Technicians with 95% of them Oversea’s working with Insurance Companies in HAIL STORM affected areas currently in the USA, Germany, Belgium and many more countries.

Are you getting the level of service you require?

How much of your stock is lot prepared?

Is this affecting your sales because your stock isn’t presented properly?

We all know the answers to that!!!

My point is…”My focus is local” Dent Power is committed to staying local in the NEWCASTLE | CENTRAL COAST and HUNTER VALLEY area’s.  I am servicing Cardiff, Newcastle, Maitland, Singleton, Muswellbrook, Tuggerah and the Gosford area daily.   My core business is the Used Car Dealer Network, with over 18 years of experience in the Motor Industry in Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Valley I know exactly what is needed to give you the RELIABILITY and  QUALITY SERVICE that you are after.  Having a RELIABLE Dent Technician is critical to ALL dealerships for overall PRESENTATION and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

If you have Dents, give me a call…

If you have a Dealership we will arrange a service schedule that suits you.

“CALL ME NOW!  0417 481300”