Severe weather warning: Storms brewing in NSW and Qld


have been few and far between in Australia’s east over the past two weeks, but a trough is approaching and is set to linger for a week of lightning.


During the past two weeks troughs have moved quickly through NSW and Queensland, only producing a day or two of thunderstorm activity in each state.


However, a trough is now moving into NSW which is set to sit over parts of NSW and Queensland for over a week, producing thunderstorms each day.


Thunderstorms will develop on Tuesday in northeastern NSW and inland parts of southern Queensland.


On Wednesday and Thursday the focus will shift further north into central and southeastern Queensland.


Storms on these days are potentially severe with large hail and damaging wind gusts the primary risks.


From Friday the trough will broaden and move south back into NSW, bringing the risk of storms through the east, including Sydney on the weekend.


There is a lower risk of these thunderstorms becoming severe, with the most likely feature being flash flooding.